UPDATE 3/31/14: The Daily Trojan (USC daily, former workplace, much love) also covered the class and I was quoted! — along with fellow student David Carr and of course Prof. Hernandez.

My university’s inaugural Google Glass course made the rounds in the press yesterday!

Read more about it from the folks at Mashable, Fast Company, TWiT, Wall Street Journal, and several other outlets.

The course will be led by the excellent Robert Hernandez, and I’ll be one of about a dozen students in that inaugural course this fall, so I’m really excited to see people are interested in what we might do in the class. Stay tuned to this blog (subscribe?) and the class website for updates on our progress as we tackle the intersection of wearable tech and journalism. This is the first class of its kind (with its journalism focus and the goal of creating an app), so definitely send in your comments if you’ve got ideas for a Glass journalism app/the class!