I was listening a rerun of the TED Radio Hour episode “Peering Into Space” last week. Host Guy Raz explains that because the universe is expanding at an accerlerating rate, future astronomers might not see any stars when they look up into the night sky. A billion years from now, the stars we now see have moved so far away from Earth that their light is no longer visible to humans on Earth. 

This reminded me of a different kind of accelerating expansion happening right now on Earth. 

If technological progress is increasing at an exponential rate, then that means the distance between generations will become progressively bigger as each new tech advent passes.

If millenials have difficulty relating to their parents’ generation due to a rapidly evolving social system (Facebook, texting, rapid diffusion of lingo via the internet), then how will future generations connect with their parents’ generations?

How do we mitigate these gaps? Should we at all? Is it even possible?